Laura Dorantt

Family/ Kids Camp tutor

Laura first worked with children whilst living in India at a research centre where she ran creative workshops for the kids who lived in the nearby village. She then went to Australia and studied permaculture, which lead to her working in the local primary school food forests. Following this, she decided to pursue working with children and young people teaching sustainability and land and social regeneration within a health and well-being context. She completed a postgrad diploma in primary teaching in 2021 and has been working with the Highland Good Food Partnership since. Alongside this she also has experience teaching English to adults and Yoga.

“I love what's happening at the Sheiling Project, it's a special and unique place, and it aligns perfectly with my own ideas about what education should be about and how and what I want to teach.  I hope the kids and families coming to the camps in the summer enjoy themselves, get a chance to properly unwind and leave with new skills, experiences and friends. I think the Sheiling Project is one of those places that can change how we see life and positively influence what we value. I would like the children to gain confidence in themselves and their relationship to the land, and to have lots of fun”!

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