James Chitty

Timber Craft Instructror

James Chitty is a designer, maker, carpenter, and artist based in Moray James trained in Furniture Design at Edinburgh College of Art and Rhode Island School of Design and has spent the last 20 years working on all kinds of projects, mostly in Scotland. Having always had in interest in materials, structures and making as well as people he has pursued these interests in various ways through furniture design, making, drawing and printing, traditional timber framing and various collaborative construction projects facilitating community groups and volunteers to work together building timber structures, a community rowing skiff and furniture.

“I love making things and even more helping other people make things. I’m inspired by the satisfaction that people of all ages can derive from making things. I also know from my own experience the importance of engaging in a physical activity that, with practice, can give us an important break from our busy minds. If we can do this together, and outside, then all the better.”

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