Summerlings Outdoor Nursery

Summerlings Outdoor Early Learning and Childcare

for 3 – 5 Year Old Children

Dues to Covid-19 we are not re-opening Summerlings in August 2020. We will run ‘stay and play’ events where you can attend the Shieling Project with your child. We also aim to work in partnerships with other nurseries to offer outdoor learning and training. Please get in touch if you would like to be part of this

Summerlings is an outdoor early learning and childcare setting for 3-5 year olds based at the Shieling Project.

Through play in the outdoors children will develop their physical and mental ability, becoming comfortable and confident in the outdoors.

Our adventures will help develop a strong attachment to the local landscape, its past, present and future.

There will be freedom, time and space for the children to enjoy and create their own learning journey.

Want to find out more? Please get in touch through the contact form on this website and organise a visit

Enrol now for August 2019.  We offer 1140 hours as a partner centre to the Highland Council.  Split that time across settings for a blend of quality learning and childcare experiences.

Promoting sustainable living, connecting to the land and outdoors in their daily lives, children will be educated in the core functioning of a healthy life.  Above all else children who attend Summerlings will be in a happy, stimulating and safe environment dedicated to their fullest development and brightest future.


  • Drop-off from 8.30 at our end of the track welcome bothy.
  • Pick up from end of track at 3pm

We make the trip to the site fun through electric bikes, balance bikes and walking. Children will be outdoors the majority of the time but also make use of our range of simple, warm buildings on site.  An Talla is used as our hub for storage of bags and learning materials.

Am Bothan Bidhe is where we prepare and organise our food provision.  Snack and lunch is provided (local & organic), lunch is charged at £2.30 a session.  Food provision can be covered by the Highland Council for eligible homes.

Council childcare hours can be claimed at Summerlings, we charge the same rate for private enrolments.

£26.40 per session (6 hour sessions, £4.40 an hour)

We ask for users to pay a monthly donation of their choosing.  This allows us to support the project as a whole and enrich our early learning and childcare with the extra features the project can offer.  Further information regarding this optional payment will be found in our terms and conditions and through the enrolment process.

If you would like more information about the nursery please get in touch with Karen.

To enrol your child in the nursery please click here to go to our secure online registration form

  • 07584855846
  • Dunmaglass, Struy, Beauly, Inverness-shire, IV4 7JX

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

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Photos by the Shieling Project, Mhairi Baird, George Logan and David Powell

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