Cooking our own food is a core part of the Shieling Project. It gives a great opportunity to work together, learn about food and healthy eating, and make some very yummy meals.  We strive to get all of our food from local or organic sources, and aim to provide a simple and well balanced menu for your stay. This will involve seasonal and wild foraged foods too.

We are particularly keen for you to learn more about where your dairy and meat products come from by getting involved in their production. While we do raise our own animals for consumption, there is no pressure to eat meat or diary, and discussions about the ethics of raising and eating meat are always had with groups.

A basic menu can be seen below, and we can work with you to shape it into what you need and like:

Breakfast: Cereal and toast (we will bake some of our bread)

Lunch: Sandwiches and rolls, fruit, baked snacks like flapjacks, healthy crisps

Dinner: Classics like spaghetti bolognaise, pizza (in our pizza oven), hand made burgers, chicken curry, fish pie

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Photos by the Shieling Project, Mhairi Baird, George Logan and David Powell

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