The Shieling Project is an off-grid learning centre in the Highlands of Scotland

Do you want to live sustainably, learn new skills, and spend time outside? Learn how to milk a cow, weave a basket, build a bothy or investigate our recent past at our off-grid learning centre. Come outdoors and get stuck into the shieling life with us.

The Shieling Project is an off-grid learning centre in the Highlands of Scotland.  We have two sites – in Glen Strathfarrar near Beauly, and in Gartymore near Helmsdale. The project is all about outdoor living – from looking after our livestock to making real buildings and weaving baskets to making burgers from the meat we have raised here. You can help with seasonal tasks like planting, moving the cattle, making hay, or harvesting the crops. The tradition of the shieling where folk lived outdoors all summer herding the cattle, gives us a window onto the past, but also helps us look forward to a sustainable future. Alongside our schools provision, we offer lots of courses and events throughout the year from craft weeks to family camps.

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Do you want to milk a cow, build a bothy, or plant a forest? Be an archaeologist, a poet, a weaver? Come outdoors and get stuck in to shieling life with us.

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We currently have 2 sustainable building courses scheduled next year: Compost Toilet Building (2&3rd Sept £150): & Turf Roof & Wall Building (16&17th Sept (£150) Location - Gartymore,Helmsdale. You can email to reserve your spot now
Our online booking system will be launching very soon but we wanted to give you a heads up for our course dates next year in case you want to book them in. We'll have lots more details coming soon.
Reflecting on a summer spent at the Shieling Project.
Looking down to our modern day bothies. At our Struy site, we have accommodation for up to 36 people in our bespoke bothies. Simple but comfortable accommodation. Picture by @abelmclinden